The workshop New Mathematical Methods in Solvable Models and Gauge/String Dualities was held at the Guest House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on the Black Sea coast to the North-East of Varna on 14-21 August 2022.

In the last 15 years tremendous progress has been made at connecting integrable four-dimensional gauge theory and two-dimensional world-sheet theory. A two-dimensional integrable model was constructed that can predict not only the spectrum of energy levels, to unprecedented precision, but also permit the computation of the correlation functions of the theory at finite coupling in the planar limit.

This workshop was devoted to discussing important and timely problems concerning the application of exact mathematical methods to conventional integrable systems and to the gauge/string models, e.g., to extend current methods for calculating finite-volume matrix elements of operators, to construct a finite version of the hexagon form factor expansion for short operators, to extend the methods of the thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz to world-sheets of higher topology and to all sorts of boundaries and defects, etc.